Just Feed Me, I'm Hungry

Dnugarvan in Waterford isn’t a place that gets vast amounts of tourists but lot’s of Irish people make what is a virtual pilgrimage there to eat at the justly famed Tannery Restaurant. If you want a special evening with excellent food cooked by a truly talented chef , make a note of that one.

But it isn’t every day you want to shell out €50+ a head for dinner, excluding wine, even if, as is the case at the Tannery, the food is well worth every last cent. We found ourselves in Dungarven recently and in need of dinner, but were neither dressed for nor in the mood for a fancy ‘dining experience’.

The Shamrock Restaurant delivered in bucketfuls.

It’s an unprepossessing place – a big room sparsely decorated that sort of resembles a canteen. It was busy, almost every table was occupied and there was a buzz of conversation in the air. Waitresses rushed in and out of the kitchen and it was all overseen by the extremely efficient and watchful owners, who greeted nearly everyone by name, so obviously it gets a lot of regular customers.

No fancy menu, just the sort of food your mother (if she was Irish) would make for dinner. Chops with vegetables and spuds, steak, cod and chips, that sort of thing.

It was really good food, well cooked, tasty, filling, served fast and freshly cooked and hot. The service was excellent. And it was unbelievably reasonably priced. Two adults and a hungry child ate well and plentifully and there was change from €40.

This all sounds so simple – straightforward food well-prepared and served without fuss at a reasonable price. Sometimes people want a restaurant to go to because they are hungry or couldn’t be bothered to cook at home, not because they want to ‘eat-out’. There is hardly anywhere left that caters well for that.

I believe there are often queues here – it doesn’t surprise me in the least.

Every town in Ireland should have a Shamrock Restaurant.

Published: September 28, 2008 | Updated: September 28, 2008

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