The streets of Dublin

As you peruse this site you’ll notice that a lot of the images used are courtesy of the many fine photographers who make their images available for use via Flickr. If you look more closely you’ll see that many of the images of Dublin are by one photographer – known by the username Infomatique.

I don’t know William Murphy, the man behind the name and the website, but I am lost in admiration for what he is doing. He has embarked on a project which aims to record, in some detail, the streets of Dublin. And it’s no small project – there are more than 28,000 images of the city, it’s surrounding areas and of life on its streets in the collection already and it grows weekly by a few hundred more.

Among my favourites is an image that really have been taken anywhere, though it happens to be in the Iveagh Gardens. I come across it occasionally when searching for something and it always makes me smile.

What the heck my wife just died, by Infomatique

What the heck my wife just died, by Infomatique

I’m smiling of course on the assumtion that she is just enjoying a nap….

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Published: April 11, 2009 | Updated: June 9, 2011

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