7 Reasons why the recession is a good thing

Photo by by azizul hadi

Photo by by azizul hadi

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a visit to Ireland in this year might be something of a field trip to the heart of recession.

As well as being dragged down by world events, years of feckless management of our home economy has left the country firmly in the doldrums.

Endless stories of layoffs or people lining up for food parcels or stuck in unsalable homes jostle for space in the newspapers. It doesn’t conjure up a very pretty picture.

But clichés are clichés for a reason and this dark cloud definitely has a silver lining.

In fact here are 7 good reasons why the recession doesn’t matter and may even be a very good thing for people planning a trip to Ireland this year.

  1. Accommodation is cheaper
    2 nights for the price of 3 is available pretty much everywhere and if you ask for a deal you’ll almost certainly get one.
  2. Food is Cheaper
    Restaurants are increasingly offering all inclusive menus at a very attractive price, or a free dessert or glass of wine.
  3. Service is Better
    The indifference or even rudeness to the customer that was so prevalent in the boom years is gone. In stores, restaurants, hotels and just about everywhere the customer is king again.
  4. People have more time
    Ok, so they may do a lot of moaning about the economy, but people seem to have more time to just stop and talk. The urgency and constant rushing of the last decade has definitely slowed down.
  5. Places are less crowded
    Every tourism body is confidently predicting lower numbers this year – which means shorter lines and smaller crowds at all of the popular tourist destinations.
  6. There are sales everywhere…
    … all the time. Stroll though the shopping area of any town or city and you’ll see window after window festooned with signs offering bargains. And many are genuinely good deals.
  7. Getting around is easier
    Trains are less full and roads (a little) less crowded. Raise a hand for a taxi and you are likely to find a half dozen of them racing to get to you first.

Published: April 3, 2009 | Updated: April 3, 2009

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  • ... says:

    I gotta agree with you, people talk about the food banks but in truth people go to the food banks essentially as a super coupon not because people are starving. Lots of bad things have improved obesity, tobacco usage, alcohol usage, murder and assault rates have gone down, cancer is taking less lives, the list goes on. I keep hearing over and over about the recession and how awful it is or whatever. But all I’ve seen since 2008 is people’s lives improving not getting worse. Before you had to grow up a lot faster. After college you had to become an adult, get married, get a career, settle down and all that stuff. Now you can still live a wild crazy life full of parties and stuff even after college. And your right people do have more time to go out and have fun rather than working all the time.

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