Honeymooning in Ireland Help!!

So I’m heading off the Ireland 10/10 and I’m curious about suggestions people may have for me to maximize my experience in Ireland. Here’s My Itinerary:

Arrive 10/10:

First Leg

Staying in Ballyvaughan until 10/15

The things I’d really like to see are the Burren (Any recommended guides or is it too late to reserve a guide), Dublin and Cliffs of Mohr. Other places I’d like to see are Aran Islands and Galway. I like to travel at a slow and easy pace and I wonder if I could do all these spots in the time period alloted? any suggestions?

Second Leg

Arrive in Dingle 10/15

Don’t really know much about Dingle, but my fiance took a Irish Myths and legends class and wanted to go there. Any suggestions for sites?

Arrive in Kenmare 10/17

Figured I would do the Ring of Kerry, Skellig (Any recommended guides or is it too late to reserve a guide) and Beara Penninsula (There was a post on here several months ago about the different sites to see in the Beara Penninsula that made my mouth water). Any suggestions for itineraries?

Leaving Shannon 10/22

This is our honeymoon trip and I was hoping for a leisurely trip with some nice romantic spots. Any Input as far as favorite spots would be helpful and greatly appreciated. Also does anyone have suggestions for factory tours? I would like to see a whiskey factory (Middleton Whiskey perhaps?) or a lace factory.

Also how is the weather around October?

This website is wonderful and chock full of great information I hope you guys can help me out!

Fretting about our first trip the the Emerald Isle,

Jeff and Kristen

Published: September 6, 2006 | Updated: September 6, 2006

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  • spargos says:

    Excellent! Thanks you for the advice! I think we’ll just try to enjoy the atmosphere and the people and see the sights we can.

    Incidentally, any great restaurants reccommended?


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